Lidcombe CSC


Lidcombe Congregational Church Soccer Club was formed in 1939 by Edward (‘Pop’) and Hazel James. In the first season it was a single All Age team that represented Lidcombe in the Protestant Churches Soccer Football competition.

The club’s very first match ever played was on 15th April 1939 at our then home ground of Wyatt Park. The team comprised of players whose ages ranged from 14 years to mid 30’s with most having never played the game before. The result was a surprising 0-0 draw with Carlingford Hostel. From this very first match ever played by the club the ‘Congregational’ part of the club’s name was shortened to ‘Congs’ or ‘Congos’ and continues to this very day with the club motto- “Once a Congo….ALWAYS A CONGO!”.

Club details

Name: Mr Patrick May
Position: Secretary
Number: 0478 148 081
Ground Address: Martin Street, Lidcombe



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