Guildford McCredie Uniting


Guildford McCredie Uniting Soccer Club was founded in 1999 to offer a football alternative in the Merrylands/Guildford/Granville area with a focus on competitive football in a friendly family centred environment and an emphasis of a fair go for all.  Since our early years we have grown to be one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the CFAS catering for all players from U6 to Premier League, boys, men, girls and ladies.  We have already helped develop two international players and three full time professionals along with many others at local levels.  Our club trains at Granville Park (Claremont St) in Merrylands and plays home games at Everley Park in South Granville.  All players of all abilities are welcome and you can be assured of a friendly atmosphere and almost certainly other friends who speak your language – our diversity is one of our biggest prides!  See you soon.

Club details

Name: Mr Greg Wark
Position: Secretary
Number: 9682 7779
Ground Address: Everley Street, South Granville



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